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The sheets and plates are cut to exact dimension suitable for further fabrication services. Here we process 0.8 mm to 16 mm Mild Steel and Stainless steel upto 8 mm thickness.

The sheets sheared/cut through this process is with accurate dimensions. The edges finish is perfect where the plates can be readily send for next process thereby eliminating finishing process like grinding incase of oxy-fuel cutting. Hence the time and considerable resources are saved in this process.


The metal bending is perfectly done to the exact dimension by our press brake of various capacity and specifications. Presently we process from 0.8 mm to 10 mm Thickness.

Light & Heavy Duty Press Brake:
Our custom designed press brake is capable of bending upto 28 ft length sheet in a single stroke and dimension of customers specifications. It also customised to fabricate the platform sheet, side sheets for tipper/dumper trucks. Upto 10 mm sheet can be processed in this machine. We also utilise a special press brake for forming corrugated sheets (container profile), columns, pos and other customised shapes.


  • Plate Rolling
  • Heavy duty plate rolling
  • Flat bar rolling

We specialise in rolling heavy duty plate upto 1” thick. Custom rolling include roll bending to make things like custom formed C-channels, L-angles and other profiles.

Structural Rolling:
We do beam rolling, pipe rolling, square & rectangular tube rolling

Sheet metal Rolling:
Sheet are rolled into cylinders to a precise diameter based on our customer needs and welded.
We specialise in handling & rolling of 24 ft sheets into semi circle profile for various projects.

Contract Engineering

Industrial & Infrastructure growth has generated huge business with strategic markets and competitive costings. Hence many leading Engineering project companies outsource the manufacturing activity to committed and reliable vendors like us.

We also act as a dedicated ancillary units for some of the engineering projects.

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